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​I thought I had tasted ‘art’ until this box was handed out to me by Selassie (@midunu).

The taste, packaging and the fact that it is made by her right in Ghana erupted my sweet tooth.

Spongy carrot cake.

Photo by @darshanimages 2017


ArtTalk_Y K O Tetteh at theStudio, Accra.

Body Intimate[d]

Journeying onward from her Chale Wote 2016 performance, Y K O Tetteh follows her curiosity to a new set of questions about the intersection between performativity, the (black) (female) body, and our intimate relationship with ourselves. In this piece she brings participants into the performance of body intimacy stories, and asks them to join her in her performance-research.

Y K O Tetteh
Yvette Y K O Tetteh (b. 1992) is a British-born Ghanaian artist and aspiring farmer. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology, and French, from Stanford University (CA, USA.) Her work is centred on the black body, and the intersection of intimacy, reserve, and performativity. Her astrological signs are: Cancer Sun, Aries Moon, and Gemini in Ascendant. This sums her up perfectly. 
Yvette is based in Accra, Ghana.
Photo by @@darshanimages_2016

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Ghana’s Presidential Election_2016

​”…and you’ll experience ‘Mahama Money’. You’ll sleep one day and wake up to all streets in Tema, especially Community.2 tarred”. A child carried shoulder high, listens to these words from the President – John Dramani Mahama as he partakes in the campaign launch of his party’s(NDC) candidate for Tema West, Ghana. 12.11.2016

Photo by @darshanimages_2016

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‘dumsor’ is a popular Ghanaian term which describes the erratic electric power outages the country faces. 

Ama is a caterer aspiring to be a certified JHS(Junior High School) teacher. She has experienced ‘dumsor’ on the eve of her final examinations. And not deterred by the space of darkness and gloom, she uses a battery powered LED lamp which doubles as a poor source of luminance to her bathroom and place of study.

Photo by @darshanimages 2016. 

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I had the opportunity to celebrate with Photographers, facilitators and several guests on their thoughts shared and catching a glimpse of their works presented at the NUBUKE FOUNDATION, GHANA.
Photographers who presented their works include:
Amilton Neves(Mozambique)
Aron Semeneh(Ethiopia)
Collinjam Moses(Ghana)
Francis Kokoroko(Ghana)
Eric Gyamfi(Ghana)
Geoffrey Buta(Ghana)
Gerard Nartey(Ghana)







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Photo by @darshanimages 2016.